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How it Works

  • During this complimentary 30-minute screening call, you share what prompted you to reach out for professional guidance. If there is a natural and mutually beneficial fit, we will move forward with a more formal introductory meeting. If there is not a mutually beneficial fit, we will happily refer you to an advisor better suited to serve you.

  • During our second, 30-60 minute introductory meeting we will spend more time getting to know you and your financial situation with a focus on determining which service best suits your needs. If you agree to move forward at this point, we will formalize our engagement with a signed client agreement.

  • During our third meeting, we will spend at least an hour getting to know you and your family from a personal standpoint. We will want to learn more about your upbringing, how you like to spend your time and, ultimately, your vision for financial success in the future.

  • During our fourth meeting, we will spend at least an hour getting to know you and your family from a financial standpoint. Here is where we will start to dig in on your current financial situation and will request tax returns, recent paystubs, estate planning documents, investment account statements, liability statements, social security statements and insurance statements, among other things.

  • During our fifth meeting, we will spend 60-90 minutes presenting your financial plan and guiding you through implementation. This will include, but not be limited to, the following:

    • Statement of Financial Purpose
    • Current State Analysis
      • Employer benefits review and advice
      • Cash flow review and planning
      • RSU and equity-based compensation review and planning
      • Tax Status review and planning
      • Investment review and recommendations
      • Education planning review and next steps
      • Debt management review and recommendations
      • Estate plan review and/or implementation guidance
      • Retirement income planning and guidance
      • Goal setting and ranking with encore and/or financial freedom projections
      • Action items for the next 90 days and beyond
    • Implementation Guidance and Next Steps
  • You’ve just been through a lot. You’ve now had time to breathe and let the information received soak in. This is where we check in and start to guide you through implementation and/or coach you through any roadblocks that may have appeared in the interim. At the conclusion of this meeting, we will work on setting you up for ongoing service and reviews OR leaving that option open to you on an hourly basis—depending on your service level.

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