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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you sell any financial or investment products like annuities or insurance that make you commission?

No! In fact, I am a “Fee-Only” financial advisor. The term “Fee-Only” (or fee-for-service) refers to how an advisor is compensated. A fee-only advisor is paid directly by their client and does not earn commission of any kind for product sales or referrals. It is the only method of advisor compensation that is transparent, objective, and minimizes conflicts of interest. In addition, a fee-only advisor must act in their client’s best interest as a fiduciary 100% of the time.

2. What does it mean to be a fiduciary?

Under the fiduciary standard, advisors are legally sworn and obligated to always place the best interest of their client ahead of their own. They must disclose any conflicts of interest, and clearly define how they are paid. All advisors at and fiduciaries.

3. I do not live in Park Hill or Central Park in Denver, CO. Can I still work with you?

Although we are based in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood we work with clients virtually throughout the country. We are not bound by geography when working with you. We seek out clients who are the best fit for our firm, regardless of where they are located.

4. Do you work remotely/virtually?

We work with clients throughout the country using virtual meetings, conference calls, e-mails, and an integrated suite of client service and financial software. You do not need to be local to partner with our firm. Of course, we are happy to meet face to face if you are nearby, and we can travel to meet with you if it makes sense.

5. How often will we meet?

The typical cadence is four scheduled meetings per calendar year, however, this can be increased or decreased to fit your preferences.

6. Where will my assets be held?

Your assets are held at a third-party custodian, Charles Schwab

7. What process and timeline can I expect when I become a client?

Our typical cadence is a five-meeting onboarding process where we spend a lot of time getting to know you, your family and exactly what you want to achieve in our relationship. Most of the “heavy lifting” is done during this onboarding phase before we help guide you through implementation and ongoing monitoring. You can learn more here: How it Works

8. Do you offer a free consultation?

Of course! We offer a complimentary consultation by virtual meeting, phone call, or in person by appointment. During the meeting, we will discuss your situation, get to know one another, and answer any questions you may have surrounding our services or your financial planning needs.

9. I am ready to have a conversation. How do we start?

Great! When you are ready, you may schedule an Introduction Call here: Introduction Call with Park Hill Financial Planning